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10 things for 2012

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Weeknote 206 — Hardware projects, Windows 8 Explorer

The beautiful N9 – and how it could be even better

Sketches of Everything: The First Test of Interactivity

“In 1988, I was invited to exhibit “Very Nervous System” at the Siggraph Art Show. “Interactivity” was just emerging as a buzzword and there was a lot of scepticism on the floor. Many attendees entered my installation to “test” it using what I’ve come to call the “First Test of Interactivity.” The test involves determining whether the system will consistently respond identically to identical movements. (Note that an intelligent agent will probably fail this test.) They would enter the space, let the sounds created by their entrance fade to silence, and then make a gesture. The gesture was an experiment, a question to the space; “What sound will you make?”. The resulting sound was noted. Second and third gestures were made with the same motivation, and the same sound was produced. After the third repetition, the interactor decided that the system was indeed interactive, at which point they changed the way they held their body and made a gesture to the space, a sort of command: “Make that sound.” The command gesture was significantly different from the early “questioning” gestures particularly in terms of dynamics, and so the system responded with a different sound. I observed a couple of people going through this cycle several times before leaving in confusion. Their body had betrayed their motivation.”

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Ben Bashford - Notebook of Things: DisplayCabinet



DisplayCabinet is the output of 24 hours with Tim Burrell Saward and Dan Williamsconnecting up our things to the web, our environments to our things, and our things to us” as part of the Pachube Internet of Things Hackathon.

What we did.

The aim of our project was to…

Weeknote 188


Hackney Hear is an amazing interactive GPS-triggered smartphone app that offers a colorful audio tour of London’s East End.

We like interacting with physical objects in the real world, goes the reasoning, so it will presumably be more pleasant to interact with computer software if it pretends to be a physical object too. But why?

TDK OLED See-Through Display and Film Display : DigInfo (via Diginfonews)